About Hurting Moms Mending Hearts

Click the video to hear more about Hurting Moms, Mending Hearts from our founder, Cathy Taylor.

Hurting Moms Mending Hearts is a safe place where women can share their heartache openly with other women who are experiencing the same painful emotions because of the choices of their children.

Our Breaking Free Program is a ten-week support group which can be experienced either in a local in-person room or an online virtual meeting room.

The groups use the Breaking Free Participant Guide during each weekly session designed to help group members on the journey toward hope and healing together.

The goal of our Breaking Free program is:

  • To provide space for Hurting Moms to step out of isolation and into a community of other moms who totally understand their pain.
  • That Hurting Moms will find freedom from the bondage of guilt, shame, anxiety, fear, anger, and disappointment.
  • That Hurting Moms will begin to experience peace and comfort, even amid the turmoil of their situations.
  • That Hurting Moms will learn to “let go” by surrendering their children to God, knowing that He created them, loves them and has a plan for their lives.

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