Hurting Moms Breaking-Free Groups Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Hurting Mom"?
  • A Hurting Mom is a mom who is hurting because of the choices and actions of their child.  The situations vary, but the pain is the same.  Some of the painful emotions experienced by Hurting Moms are anxiety, fear, anger, disappointment, guilt, and shame.
What is needed to participate in a Breaking-Free Group?
  • The Hurting Moms Mending Hearts, Breaking-Free, Participant Guide is all that is needed to participate in a local group.
  • For online groups a phone, ipad, or computer with a microphone and a camera are necessary in addition to the Participant Guide.
  • Other supplemental materials are available in our HM Resource Store.

How long does a Breaking-Free Group last?
  •  Groups last for 10 weekly sessions and each session is roughly an hour and a half in length.

Where do the local groups meet?
  • Most local groups meet in churches.

How do I start a Breaking-Free Group?
  • It’s simple.  Just fill out our HM Leader information request form and you will receive and email describing the next steps.


Is Hurting Moms only for moms of adult children?
  • Most moms who join Hurting Moms groups are hurting over the choices and behavior of teen or adult children.

Can a grandmother be part of a Breaking-Free group?
  • If you are a grandma, you are a mom!  We have many grandmothers who are part of our groups.

How many times can I go through the 10-Week Breaking-Free Group?
  • You can participate in groups as many times as you want.   However, we encourage moms who have been through the initial 10-week support group to continue by participating in on-going Care and Support groups.

Why does it cost to join a Hurting Moms Breaking-Free Group?
  • The fees cover our material and administrative costs. 
  • However, our wonderful Hurting Moms Community has answered God’s call to help others and provide a special gift for hurting moms who want to join a group but are limited by the circumstances.  
  • Click the button below if you would like to request a Mend-a-Heart gift and one of our team members will review it and get back to you.

Are the groups private and confidential?
  • Yes, both the online and local groups are completely private.  Whatever is said or prayed about within the safety of our groups will remain confidential with the group’s members.


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