Heavenly Father,

Today I lift up to you every hurting mother. Lord you know the deep cries of her heart, the heavy burdens she carries for her children, you know each tear she has shed, the silence she has kept to herself and the muffled screams that her saturated pillow has endured. You see the sadness behind her fake smiles as she holds it together to get through another week, a day or even a minute. For each cry she has released you have heard. You know the desires of her heart for her child that is lost and broken.

For every child who is bound in addiction, for every child who is in the darkness of depression, for every child who is rebellious, for every son and daughter who is estranged, for every child who is in a gang, for every child who cuts, has eating disorders, been abused or neglected and for every child who is lost and misguided or not mentioned in this post we say set these captives free, in the name of Jesus Christ! Lord you take the ugliest of situations and make them beautiful again. God you make all things new again. Send earth angels to minister to our sons and daughter today. Let them encounter your love. Give them peace and hope for new beginnings and let them hear the whispers of your voice telling them not to give up.

Lord we lift up the tears of these mothers. For each mother who is estranged from their child we stand victorious knowing that the battle is won and we thank you NOW that the relationships are restored. Send these prodigals home in the name of Jesus Christ. Heal what needs to be healed oh God in the hearts of our sons and daughters. Clean out the deception and remove the scales off of the eyes of our children so that the truth of their lives will be exposed. Make straight their crooked path so that they may walk the narrow path. We pray open heavens over them today.

God I lift up the mothers who are carrying guilt. Father I pray healing over these mothers. Father let them receive your forgiveness for anything they need forgiveness for. You tell us that once we repent You remember our sIns no more. God they do NOT need to forgive themselves BUT they must ONLY receive the forgiveness. Lord I pray that you send your people who will minister to them today so that today they will experience the peace, love and forgiveness that surpasses all understanding.

Lord God we thank you. All the Glory and all the honor will always and forever be Yours. We love You

Amen and Amen

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